Friday, June 5, 2009

Sylvia Earle on Google Earth and her TED wish of protecting the ocean

What a better way to start a geeky blog than to start it with my geek porn - TED. I am not sure if you guys (assuming I already have a lot of readers) already tried using Sylvia Earle's Google Earth. It is quite amazing. We all know that the Earth is made up of a looooot of water. With Sylvia Earle's idea we can now see what goes on in the ocean - the reefs, fishes, MARINE LIFE! Now if you have 18mins to spare right now I totally suggest that you watch this video. It will be 18mins of your life worth spending. Not only will you be entertained and amazed by the video but you will also be made aware of the decline of marine life and hopefully, let you start do something about it.

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