Friday, June 5, 2009

a BIG WAVE for Google Wave!!!

This video actually gave me a sensation of having a climax! 

I am sorry to be so explicit on my reaction but it was really like that! (I am really LOL-ing right now.)  For a internet-geek like me who spends hourssss of time in the internet 7 days a week Google Wave is something really orgasmic. Why? For a lot of reasons! For example:

  • Real time chatting - I normally spend more time watching below the chat window "person is writing..." and I sometimes find it time-wasting specially when I am chatting with older people who are slow to type (like my aunt). The worse thing is when a person is using a mobile device! I cannot see the person typing at all. I have already typed 5 lines and I will be receiving just one and sometimes the conversation does not seem to make sense at all. With Google Wave, you can actually see the person typing in real time, no more watching "the person is typing..."
  • ROSY or Real time translation - before, when I still did not have any idea how to speak Spanish, I spend a lot of time going to Google to translate something while I am chatting with somebody who does not speak English. Now, with Rosy, I simply have to type in English and the other person will receive it automatically on whatever language he/she understands! (this is going to make the world feel smaller and more "together")
  • On Blogging - one can actually update his blog via Google Wave, well not just "one" actually but everyone you invite to edit or add something (and yet again, in real time!)
  • Photosharing - photos are getting to be bigger files by the day and honestly it sometimes try my patience watching the loading icon. With Google Wave, the moment you drag the photo into the window the other person can already see it. What is more, persons can simultaneously edit the photos. Simply Amazing!
  • File and Links Sharing - I, for one, share a lot of links on Facebook and email to show to my friends but...with Google Wave, I can actually embed, for ex. a Youtube video on my email instead of just writing the url. Fantastic eh?
  • Email, Messenger in 1! When the person is not available it is an email, if the person is there it is an IM. Either way, you have the option to save the conversation and continue it another time where you left it behind.
  • Playback! - I am not sure if I am the only one in the world who actually checks the time when the email is sent and who wrote what. Google Wave got playback which allows you to... well... playback! Watch who wrote what for example in an email thread.... which leads to...
  • Discussion Forum - Like the example in the video, you can actually start a discussion with a group of people to plan a meeting, a party, whatever!
  • Polls! - who wants what and of course majority wins! Google Wave allows you to make a poll and let your group decide on something.
  • Mobile! - bring Google Wave with you!
  • Business and not only Pleasure - I have already worked via the Internet and I actually believe that having this on a company would be wonderful. Imagine, boss sends an email to employees. Employee 1 replies but employee 2 will not be able to read it in a standard email. In Google Wave, you have an option to have everybody on it. No more pass the message!
This is not yet complete. There are also developer thingies that I am not very sure how to discuss but, so far, I believe I have a good layman's recap of this oh so wonderfully revolutionary Google Wave!

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